A creative agency could be in charge of marketing your business, but it is only fair that you also know the possibilities. After all there are few things that a business cannot achieve.
This year the trends are about technology, patterns and methods, so they become more complex than in previous years.
Find out about trends you should know about and take advantage of them!

 Stories are everything
Content is everything for brands and marketing since a long time ago, but stories are increasingly important.
Tell stories to your audience. Inspire them, make them think, make them feel and explore the emotions.
The goal of the stories is to make communication between both the business and the customer.

 Chabot’s are essentials
Artificial intelligence takes another step towards business with the Chabot’s. These are able to provide customer service at any time and situation.
The Chabot’s are very convenient, since they avoid communication between two people that can be uncomfortable or take a lot of time.

 Artificial Intelligence for business
Again, we can see how artificial intelligence is growing in prominence. It makes data analysis efficient, can target potential leads and can perform some tasks better than humans.
Taking advantage of this you can understand your customer’s behavior in real time.
There are definitely reasons to take it into account.

 Videos are now vertical
It is a fact that marketing uses video as a resource, but now videos are vertical.
People are able to watch many video minutes a day and we must make it easy for them. Make the vertical format for your videos part of the strategy.
The more user-friendly the video is with the devices where it is played, the better.

 Focus on the next generation
Meet the new audience as soon as possible. Now is the time to pay attention to Gen Z.
Remember that the secret to a successful marketing strategy is to know the audience and Gen Z is getting older.

 Voice and visual searches
Voice searching is an ingenious of technology, because who does not like to say things and that someone does what you say?
The new technology also makes it possible for people to take a picture of something and find information about it.

 Meet the influencers
The influencers are far from leaving. They are more popular and reliable than ever.
We know that there is the Influencer Marketing, but we have to say it: meet the real influencers. Every day the quantity leaves more space for quality.

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