The brand is one of the most valuable assets a company owns.
Creating a brand can take weeks or even months of work by a whole team, so it’s not that simple, it can define the success or failure of the company.
The brand also defines the communication and experience, across the stores or offices, print, signage, packaging, website, online advertising, content marketing, social media, sales and customer service.
It is always advisable to work with professionals creatives in the process of building a brand, but if you are wondering how it works, here you have a brief explanation!

1. We determine the target audience
The brand focuses on the customer, so we must know the target audience before we start.
We determine ages, genders, locations, the income level, the level of education and more, like the interests for example.
This will allow us to know what’s the best way to communicate with them is and what is the message that will convince them that we can satisfy their needs.

2. We establish the brand mission
The mission is the place where we want to take the brand.
Once we know which our audience is, we must establish what the value of our brand is to them. According to this, the mission statement can be the brand biggest passion or the brand purpose.
The logo, tagline, voice, message and personality of the brand must reflect the mission.

3. We create the brand logo and tagline

The most known part of the building a brand process is creating the logo and the tagline.
The logo appears in everything related to the brand. It is the identity and the visual recognition.
The tagline is what expresses brief and concise what the brand is.

  • The personality of the brand comes to life

The voice and the message are transmitted through the personality of the brand.
Who the brand is, what it offers and how it relates to customers are some of the questions that must be answered.
The personality will make the brand is recognized as if it were one more person.

  • We integrate the brand into the business

The brand must be present in everything related to the business.
At this part of the process all aspects of the brand should be prepared for action.
We hope that with this brief explanation you will get an idea of how a brand is built.

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